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After so much time overseas (New York for the biggest chunk of it - 11 years, plus Los Angeles, Singapore, Bangkok, and Saigon) it feels good to be heading back to the homeland, but that also means I am starting from scratch back there. There is so much to sort out and finding a place to live is of course one of them. I don't want to rush in and sign a lease on a place as I want to reacquaint myself with the city. So here I am, looking for something a bit easier to get my foot back in the proverbial Sydney door.

Who am I? Pour a glass of wine or make a coffee, depending what time you're reading this, and please allow me to fill you in. I am 52, divorced without an ounce of baggage attached to that (my ex-wife is actually one of my best friends now, yes life is weird and things like that happen), I am a creative person both professionally and personally, worked in advertising agencies for years and now work for myself in advertising, video production, photography, writing, and more. I am setting up my new company in Sydney and that is going to keep me pretty preoccupied for at least the first six months. When I last lived in Sydney it was in Surry Hills, it has changed a lot from what I have seen since I left in January 2005. I'm a fan of the Eastern Suburbs/Inner City areas even though I am a boy from the Southern Suburbs originally. Speaking of the area of my birth, my Mum is still battling on, albeit it not with the grace and flair she once possessed, and she is one very important reason for my return, it's time to be closer more often.

So what am I looking for here with a share? I'm glad you asked.

Now, without wanting to upset, alienate, or offend anyone I would much prefer to share with a woman. No, this is not something creepy, lecherous, or nefarious, there are reasons.

First, I am not a sports kind of guy, not that enthralled with a TV blasting the footy show at night or a footy game during the day. Yes, I know women love footy too (this is where I have probably already offended someone), I am just saying I am not a fan and if we were to have a harmonious existence as roommates this may cause some issues. I'm an arty type and not a footy type, it's that simple.

Also, I am not the type to have a box of beer on the kitchen counter, cracking coldies, while trying to burp the national anthem (but I guess that is a skill that requires some sort of talent). No, I am more a shiraz kind of guy, or a cheeky crisp sauvignon blanc, it all depends on the weather or what I may be cooking. But I do love a cold beer of a hot afternoon at a pub, I am an Aussie after all. Oh, did I mention I like to cook? With that shiraz I mentioned I may be whipping up a beef burgundy (or beouf bourginion to be technically correct) or a good old fashioned spaghetti bolognese made with my secret recipe. With a sav blanc it could be a spaghetti vongole or some steamed clams in white wine and garlic, or maybe a whole steamed snapper that I caught myself cooked in Thai red curry paste with some lime, garlic, and spring onions or simply my famous guacamole and some corn chips on a lazy Sunday arvo. And yes, I can catch a fish, but depending on my schedule the fish markets may have to make do. But I am not all haute cuisine, I am partial to a good meat pie, a burger with the lot (tried to educate Americans on the benefits of beetroot and pineapple on a burger, but they didn't get it, their loss), and who doesn't love potato scallops? Okay, that might just be me.

How am I doing so far? No footy or footy show. He can cook. He likes wine. Loves him Mum. And he doesn't belch out the national anthem. Hopefully some roommate brownie points there.

A few more things about me. I put the toilet seat down and I replace the toilet roll (sheets on the outside of the roll of course, I am not a Neanderthal) this is because I was the youngest in a family of three kids with two older sisters. So sharing bathrooms is nothing new. Oh, and I was married and my ex -wife is a martials arts expert, you don't leave a toilet seat up when there is someone in the house that can body slam you and dislocate your shoulder while she finishes putting on her mascara. Trust me, you don't want to risk that, ever.

Furthermore, I don't party at home unless it is a dinner party where I am creating something in the kitchen while wine glasses are clinking and the conversation flowing as well as the wine. Otherwise home time is chill time for me.

Warning - around me you may just be eating a lot, sorry. I do like to channel my inner Anthony Bourdain both in the kitchen and when I travel. Gone too soon, will miss his show.

So what do I love about Sydney, aside from my Mum? So as you can better get to know this wordy person I'll give you a list. Hope you're still with me. Here's my Sydney love list, some revisited on a recent trip to the best city on Earth (yes I am biased but unapologetic about that).

The Harbour
A ferry to Watsons Bay for some fish & chips at Doyles.
Fratelli Paradiso in Potts Point.
MCA and the cafe on the roof.
Sydney Fish Markets - from fish and prawns and oysters to Balmain bugs and beyond.
The amount of great restaurants on offer.
The coffee, so many good options.
There is a lot more.

So that about wraps it up. If you're still with me and think maybe we could share an abode for a period of time please let me know and we can start a dialogue via email.

Oh, and I don't smoke, never have, never will.

Thanks for reading.


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